You two guys are true professionals. Two remarkable songs...more remarkable still, as they seem to be of two different flavors...Great guitar playing, fabulous singing, but underneath, some solidly crafted music.                   Chas”
Lines of Time" is memorable already-- nice job there!                  Charlie Hagan”
You and Gigi blew me away with your talent! You guys were fantastic! You have a terrific voice! On one of the Beatles songs you sounded like Lennon. He would've been proud to hear you! Also you were great on that guitar! Thank you both for the evening of super entertainment!"             Joe Gunn”
Thank you for an excellent show. Your performance made our party. The audience spanned three generations. Your renditions of this timeless material held the attention of some of our youngest guests.                                                                 Tom and Julie”
You performed 'I Never Looked Like That' in Tarrytown. It was very well received. I think it is one song that has to be sung at every performance. To me, it conveys the quality of most of your original work--gentle defiance based on self-knowledge. It's also a dynamite song. Lyrically and melodically, it's fun and easy on the ears "          Andy”
Thank you for coming to our picnic. It was a beautiful day made better by your friendship and music. Like I told Lou, you guys shined!"          Rex Fowler”
GG has a wonderful voice and style for the blues, the music is tight and well put together. Does Gigi act? She has that B'way charisma. Man she should, such a strong voice and a trusting voice...And Lou, you are a heck of a bass player man! "Outtakes" gets better over and over great vocals by Lou and a real fine end...Man, all the songs are great and makes good music, GOOD WORK!"              Pat Campbell”
Wow, what a wonderful twosome you make! I absolutely love your voice and style. What fun singing along with you!"     Ginny from the Folk Project”
We discovered tonight's opener, Deuces Child, (Gigi Tanglewood and Lou Patrick) at a recent Minstrel Open Stage. This pair of charmers perform mostly their own songs filled with good harmonies, tongue-in-cheek humor, sparkling acoustic guitar interplay, and contagious fun. Their style centers on country blues and folk rock, but it's mostly their stage persona that put this duo a cut above the rest!"      Mike Agranoff       The Ministrel at the Folk Project, Morristown, NJ”